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Heal Your Attachment Style Trilogy

You’ve probably never tried journals quite like the How to Heal Your Attachment Style Trilogy before so here’s what to expect:

Together, we'll delve into the origins of your attachment style, examine how your subconscious programming has been impacting your emotional responses, practice shadow work to heal past trauma and learn how to reprogram the mind through visualization and affirmations.

Think of them like a trusty friend who’s great at listening and has some cool insights that you've never thought of before. It’s here to help you peel back the layers of your past and build a stronger, wiser you.

What’s Included:

  • How to Heal an Anxious Attachment Style,
  • How to Heal an Avoidant Attachment Style &
  • How to Heal a Disorganized Attachment Style Digital Pdf Journals
  • 450+ Journal Prompts & Exercises
  • Learn to Rewire the Subconscious Mind
  • Quiet the Chatter in Your Mind
  • Understand & Heal Your Attachment Style
  • Envision the Future

What's Inside

How it works: 
Understanding Anxious Attachment Attachment Style

→ Understand and identify how you developed your anxious attachment style. Dive into the causes, signs and triggers that are affecting your relationships.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

→ Learn about the power of your subconscious mind and how changing your self concept is the key to everything. Dive into exercises to understand your current self concept and how we're going to work on shifting it together.

Techniques To Rewire Your Brain

Learn techniques to start rewiring your subconscious mind based in neuroscience. These techniques will help you to shift your self concept, quieten the negative and anxious chatter in your mind and create new neural pathways.

The Law of Detachment

Learn about the law of detachment with exercises and techniques to help you release expectations and let go.

Your Shadow Work Journal

Based on Carl Jung's Shadow Work we take you through 6 chapters of curated journal prompts that will help you dive into the deep recesses of your subconscious mind to help you identify and heal relationship trauma.

Understanding Anxious Attachment Attachment Style
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Techniques To Rewire Your Brain
The Law of Detachment
Your Shadow Work Journal


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out your attachment style with our quick quiz. In just a few minutes, you'll have a result with a description of your attachment style. If it resonates, that’s it! 

Be intuitive with it. Consistency is key, but if life gets busy, that’s okay. We will give you exercises and techniques to practice daily to help you rewire the subconscious mind as you do your shadow work. You can work with your journal over days, weeks or even months. 

Of course it can! You generally develop your attachment style during childhood and although it follows you into adulthood, awareness will help you to unlearn old patterns and become more secure in your attachment style. 

How to Heal An Anxious Attachment Style includes exercises to rewire the subconscious mind based in neuroscience. It uses the psychological framework of shadow work journaling to help you access the deep subconscious mind, identify old patterns and heal past trauma. 

  • The PDF is an instant download! For paperback you’ll receive shipping information based on your location from Amazon. 


People we've helped
AmandaVerified Buyer

This journal has been sooo helpful. Actually sitting down and getting into it has changed so much and has helped me more than i thought it would.

BellaVerified Buyer

I saw a page of this on TikTok and was interested. I like how interactive it is and feel like I can relate a lot. The exercises have made me realize things I would have never thought of. I've been raving about it to my family and friends.

RachelVerified Buyer

I’ve been looking to do some journal work to heal my anxious attachment for a while and I found prompts online but nothing was as in depth as this. I definitely would recommend this to anybody who’s looking to heal their attachment. Thank you. This helped me a lot. <3

PeytonVerified Buyer

I have become so much more self aware and have been able to work on becoming a better version of myself! Some questions are tough but growth never happens when being comfortable.

MayaVerified Buyer

What a lovely and useful resource. I've started doing this before bed and think it will be very helpful. It's extremely well thought out.

LunaVerified Buyer

I have been working with this workbook for a while now and it has been really helpful to me. Thanks to it, I could recognize unuseful thought patterns and helped me question some of my opinions. It also helped me understand myself better.