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Okay, so we’re going no contact *sigh*.

It feels pretty devastating at first, but we’re guessing you need this. You wouldn’t be here if the situation you were in was good for you.

Just think about how powerful that is - you’re choosing change, you’re choosing you.

You’re actively trying to move on and The No Contact Journal is going to help you through your next steps.

This is your time to disconnect and figure out what you want. It also gives your ex some time to think about whether they really want to commit. And you shouldn’t accept anything less.

Here’s what to expect with The No Contact Journal:

We’ll help you to understand why going no contact is the key to getting what you truly deserve. We’ll do some exercises on self concept, work to rewire your subconscious mind to help you move on, practice the law detachment and do a 30 day no contact journal with a morning and evening check in and journal prompts. 

The No Contact Journal journey will start with grieving and reflecting on the relationship and as you progress will shift to focusing on personal growth and envisioning your future. We’ll use neuroscience and psychology to help you heal and become the best version of you. 

Whats Inside

How it works: 
Why You Should Go No Contact

→ Understand why going no contact is the key to moving on or being in a committed relationship

Understanding Self Concept

→ Learn about self concept, with exercises on evaluating your self concept and what you'd like to change

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Learn techniques to start rewiring your subconscious mind based in neuroscience. These techniques will help you to shift your self concept, quieten obsessive thoughts about your ex and create new neural pathways.

The Law of Detachment

Learn about the law of detachment with exercises and techniques to help you release expectations and let go.

Your Shadow Work Journal

Check in with your 30 Day No Contact Journal every morning and evening to track your progress. Let it all out with prompts that help you grieve the relationship and move forward and focus on yourself.

Why You Should Go No Contact
Understanding Self Concept
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Law of Detachment
Your Shadow Work Journal


Frequently Asked Questions

The No Contact Rule comes into play when you're in a relationship that isn't fulfilling your needs. By stopping all communication, you allow yourself to emotionally detach and heal, while also giving your ex space to reflect on what they really want. This pause can help both of you figure out your next steps more clearly.

Ask yourself; are you happy with your current relationship, are your needs being met, is it making you feel good or stressed? Have you clearly communicated your needs and they continue to be unmet? If so, this might be a sign to go no contact, if you're not sure, you can try out our quiz here.

The No Contact Journal guides you through 30 days of no contact with daily prompts, exercises and insight to help you process your emotions and rediscover yourself.

It’s okay if you break no contact—it happens. Just pick up where you left off in the journal. Breaking no contact doesn't necessarily mean you're getting back together (we advise only breaking no contact when their intentions are made very clear). Keep going with the exercises and prompts; they’re designed to help you regain focus and continue your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

  • The PDF is an instant download! For paperback you’ll receive shipping information based on your location from Amazon. 


People we've helped
AnnaVerified Buyer

Im currently going through a breakup and was really struggling with my thoughts just going in circles. Lots of people suggested journaling but I have never done it before. I found this on tiktok. I am only on day 7 but it has made a massive difference already. The prompts are helpful in the grieving process and helping me to see the reality of the relationship (good and bad). I’m also doing therapy and a lot of the things my therapist says are recommended in this journal too.

DanielleVerified Buyer

I made the decision to go no contact when I really didn't want to. This journal has made me realize why I did it and why I couldn't keep going on with the relationship the way it was thank you

TeresaVerified Buyer

I want to break no contact everyday :( but this journal is giving me the chance to let out the emotions that I'm holding onto. I hope we work it out but for now this is really helpful

PeytonVerified Buyer

I have become so much more self aware and have been able to work on becoming a better version of myself! Some questions are tough but growth never happens when being comfortable.

MayaVerified Buyer

What a lovely and useful resource. I've started doing this before bed and think it will be very helpful. It's extremely well thought out.

LunaVerified Buyer

I have been working with this workbook for a while now and it has been really helpful to me. Thanks to it, I could recognize unuseful thought patterns and helped me question some of my opinions. It also helped me understand myself better.